Ust-Luga Port’s General Director highlights unique ‘Rail-Port’ logistics efficiency at TRANSTEC 2016 breakout session

October 6, 2016

As reported by press centre:

The TRANSTEC 2016 Conference provides an extensive program of professional events, including a round-table discussions, breakout sessions, panel discussions and themed public lectures.  TRANSTEC’s expert platform for industry professionals directly contributes to informed and effective technology, infrastructure and business solutions in the field of Russian ports and shipping.

On September 15, 2016 at a meeting of the presidium of the State Council of the Russian Federation, President V V Putin outlined that Russia should be ready to compete with neighbouring countries in the field of transportation.  President Putin urged the increase the capacity of transport infrastructure in Russian ports.

In the breakout sessions, “Optimisation of logistics as a way to increase efficiency,” TRANSTEC 2016 participants discussed the cooperation of ports and rail transport: intelligent management of logistics on the basis of a new relationship between the railway and industrial enterprises, optimisation of interaction modes of transport, experience in creating a focal point systems in transport hubs, principles and models agreed between rail and maritime transport, the creation of an effective system of coordination between shippers, Russian Railways and the port.

The experience of effective interaction at the interface of “railroad – port” was shared by the General Director of JSC PUL Trans (Port of Ust-Luga), Igor Evstafiev.  According to Mr Evstafiev,

the company “Russian Railways” and created a “run” for 9 years in the port of Ust-Luga’s business model, which allows for efficient management of logistics at the junction of “railroad – port”, which is unique within Russia infrastructure and does not exist elsewhere. Today JSC PUL Trans has the expertise and tools to optimise traffic flows and to further increase throughput within port infrastructure.