TRANSTEC 2014 Opens to Record Participation & Historic LENMORNIIPROEKT / Makarov University Agreement

October 1, 2014

TRANSTEC 2014 opened today with record participation during the morning Plenary Session of the 4th International Ports and Shipping Conference, followed with a landmark agreement signing to kick off the afternoon Conference.

The morning’s Speakers and Papers focused on the core challenges, requirements and aims of Russia’s Ports and Shipping re-development plans, stimulating a healthy dialogue during the Q & A sessions which followed each presentation.

The requirement for International cooperation and participation within Russian ports and shipping developments was a common thread throughout the day’s proceedings, demonstrated by the recent involvement, interest and action from Chinese and South Korean companies who are providing their services in fulfilling Russian design and build plans.

Other top-priority topics presented include:

  • Development of port hubs in European, Arctic and Far East coasts of Russia
  • Cost-effective port and shipping operations and investments solutions
  • Cooperation between maritime business and cargo owners

For a full schedule of today’s Speakers and Papers, please see the TRANSTEC 2014 Programme Schedule.

With great fanfare and a festive atmosphere, LENMORNIIPROEKT and State University of Sea and River Fleet Admiral S.O. Makarov signed an historic, landmark cooperation agreement, outlining their commitments to develop and share educational, innovative and intellectual potential.

General Director of JSC “LENMORNIIPROEKT” Vladimir Merzlikin highlighted plans to organise “…joint scientific research in the field of hydraulic engineering, architecture, construction and environmental training activities for additional professional education..”.

“In the framework of the implementation of the Transport strategy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030, special attention is paid to the development of transport education, science and innovative technologies,” said the University rector Baryshnikov.

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