Top Maritime Leadership supports NEVA’s 25th Anniversary

May 15, 2015

The 25th Anniversary of the NEVA Exhibition and Conferences is a significant milestone in the Event’s history.

NEVA’s strategic importance in the Russian and International Maritime markets is underlined by the formation of the 1st NEVA 2015 Advisory Committee, whose membership is confirmed to include commitments from the top brass of domestic shipbuilding and maritime ministerial and commercial business leadership, to include:

NEVA 2015 Committee Co-Presidents:

Dutov A.V.                         Deputy Minister of Ministry of Industry and Trade of RF

Zapevalov V.V.                 Ministry of Foreign Affair of RF, St. Petersburg Headquarters

Olersky V.A.                      Deputy Minister of Transport of RF

NEVA 2015 Committee Members:

Alexandrov V.L.                  President of the Union of Shipbuilders of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. (Retired CEO of Admiralteysky Shipyard)

Alexashin A.A.                    Krylov Shipbuilding State Research and Scientific Centre, Director General

Alippa V.L.                           Russian River Register of Shipping, Director of St. Petersburg Headquarters

Balyberdin A.L.                   Secretary of the Maritime Collegium of the Government of RF

Baryshnikov S.O.               Makarov State University for Sea and River Transport, Rector

Buyanov S.I.                        CNIIMF Sea Fleet Research Institute, Director General

Vartaniyan S.G.                  Transas Group, Director for Corporate Communications

Vorobiov A.G.                      President of the Committee for Transport, Government of St. Petersburg

Grigoriev E.D.                     President of Foreign Relations Committee, Government f St. Petersburg

Zhusupov S.D.                    Association of Sea Commercial Ports, Executive Director

Kabakov B.A.                       Director of the Department of shipbuilding and Marine Technology of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of RF

KliavinA.Yu                           President of the Union Russian Chamber of Shipping; Member of the Board of RSPP Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

Meyskin M.S.                       Committee for Industry Policy and Innovations of the Government of St. Petersburg, President

Olshevsky A.N.                    State Administration of North Sea Route, Director

Parinov P.P.                          State Administration of Russian Baltic Sea Ports

Poshivay A.I.                        State Federal Agency for Sea and River Transport of RF, Deputy Head

Rakhmanov A.L.                 United Shipbuilding Corporation, President

Romanikhin A.V.                 Union of Oil and Gas Equipment Producers, President

Rubtsova N.N.                    Welding alliance of St. Petersburg and North-West of Russia, Director

Sedov S.N.                          Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Director General

Sokolov V.V.                         State Federal Agency for Fishery of RF, Deputy Head

Tikhomirov A.N.                  Transtec Neva Exhibitions, NEVA 2015 Exhibition, Director General

Frank S.O.                           President of the Board of Directors of United Shipbuilding Corp., SOVCOMFLOT shipping company Director General

Frolov A.V.                            State Federal Service of RF for Hydrometeorology and Nature Monitoring, Director

KhodyrevV.Ya                      Transport Union President

Chekalova T.I.                     Secretary of the Maritime Council of the Government of St. Petersburg

NEVA 2015 is also proudly supported by the Russian Chamber of Trade and Industry and Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP).

NEVA 2015 Official Letters of Support

In his NEVA 2015 welcome letter, the President of RSPP Union welcomes leaders and decision makers from industry-leading and globally recognised International and Russian business structures, stating

“…the NEVA Exhibition is traditionally designed to welcome together the leading International and domestic companies, offering them the unique possibility to display their latest professional business proposals and share commercial experience in shipbuilding, offshore equipment, ship equipment, port technology, sea and inland waterways shipping and to view the varied perspectives of those industry developments. We are convincedthat NEVA is the best place to be evaluated by shipbuilding and shipping professionals to be widely used within those industry’s everyday business”.

NEVA 2015 business programme already includes well-established conferences to discuss Port Equipment and Safety for Shipping.

Make your plans to participate at NEVA 2015 without delay and join the rapidly growing Russian Commercial Maritime Markets as the list of high profile Exhibitors, Speakers, Delegates and Professionals convene in St Petersburg during 22 – 25 September 2015 for the leading International / Russian Commercial Maritime Exhibition and Conferences!