St. Petersburg State Maritime Tech University, Institute of IT to discuss Digital Modernisation of Shipyards at TRANSTEC 2018

February 14, 2018

On October 11, 2018, the St. Petersburg State Maritime Technical University, Institute of Information Technologies will hold an open discussion on the “Digital Modernisation of Shipyards” within the framework of the TRANSTEC 2018 programme.

The discussion will centre on the “Digital Shipyard – Industry 4.0 in Shipbuilding. Features of design and construction of auxiliary fleet vessels ” during TRANSTEC‘s 6th Conference for the Development of Russian Ports and Shipping.

In this regard, Ph.D. Lipis AV, Head of the Department of SPbGMTU, Director of the Institute of Information Technologies joins the TRANSTEC 2018 Programme Committee.

For further details, please contact the discussion coordinator: Anna Makurina tel. 8 (812) 7571411,

According to press reports “… St. Petersburg State Maritime Technical University has developed a concept of deep modernization of the OSSZ, where it is planned to create the Onega shipyard, which will become digital throughout the life cycle from the design of ships to their full readiness.
The idea of ​​”digitalisation” implies the integration of all software products that will be used in the production activity of the shipyard. A set of the most advanced building technologies will be used, including technologies for laser cutting and welding of metals. Machines and machine tools will be informationally linked and integrated into a single management system. This will ensure engineering accuracy along the entire construction chain.

The use of advanced production technologies and favourable geographic location will allow the new shipyards to compete for the market of river vessels of the Neva, Volga, Kama, Moscow, Don, Onega and Ladoga lakes … “