St. Petersburg Government Approves Ministry of Transport’s Biennial TRANSTEC Programme Proposal

November 1, 2017

The Governor of St. Petersburg, co-chairman of the St. Petersburg Government Maritime Council, G. S. Poltavchenko, approved the minutes of the Council’s meeting of September 19 2017 which was held on site during the NEVA 2017 Exhibition.

112 participants took part in the work of the Council meeting, including Members and staff of the Maritime Collegium of the Russian Federation, representatives of the Legislative and Executive Authorities of the Russian Federation and St. Petersburg, as well as invited representatives and enterprise leaders of marine business.

The meeting protocol, in particular section 3.2, contains an instruction to address the proposal to the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation to issue, by 01 January 2018, in the form of an administrative act approving its official support for the biennial holding of TRANSTEC‘s International Conference & Exhibition for the Development of Russian Ports and Shipping in St. Petersburg, during even years.

During the Council’s meeting discussion of agenda items, this proposal was supported by the Minister of Transport of Russia, M. Sokolov.