Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs – TRANSTEC 2014 Review

October 6, 2014

TRANSTEC 2014 Conference:
The Vector of Northern See Route Economic Growth

St. Petersburg hosted the 12th International Exhibition TRANSTEC 2014 and
4th International Conference on the development of Russian Ports and Shipping

One of the highlights of the Conference was the meeting of the Expert Council on International Cooperation in the Arctic, “Present and Future of the Northern Sea Route,” organised by the Center of Strategic Studies and Forecasts (Moscow). The meeting was attended by over 60 people from Russia, India, Singapore, Canada, Poland, the Nordic Council.

Two speakers from Exhibition and Conference co-organiser Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) made presentations to the Union “Northern industrialists and businessmen”.
  • Deputy Chairman of the Union, a member of the Arctic Academy of Sciences Vladimir Poteryakhin outlined plans to create areas of advancing socio-economic development in the Northern Sea port cities, including Taimyr, Yamal Peninsula, in Yakutia and the Murmansk region.
  • First Deputy Chairman of the Union, Ph.D., Professor Alexander PAE Fedotovskaya outlined the priorities of development of transport and passenger aircraft at the new stage of development of the Arctic and the Northern Sea Route in relation to a single logistics system, including sea and river transport.

The practical result will be a four-hour discussion, resolutions of the International Expert Council for cooperation in the Arctic, which will include proposals for implementation by public authorities at the federal level. Among the priorities of the organisation are programs for sustainable environmental development in the development of new deposits, the introduction and implementation of new international legal norms, technical and technological support of the Northern Sea Route, the new vectors of expansion of the economy of the participating countries of the Arctic Council, particularly Russia as a leader in the development of Arctic spaces.

The TRANSTEC 2014 Conference was supported by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Government and Maritime Council under the Government of St. Petersburg, the Association of Commercial Seaports, the Union of “National Chamber of Shipping” Coordinating Council on Trans Siberian Transportation, the Union of Oil and Gas Equipment, the Russian Union of Travel Industry.


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