Russian ice-class shipbuilding schedule offers massive opportunity for Finnish expertise

January 17, 2017

Russia is building a fleet of more than 60 ice-going vessels in 2016-2020. It offers new opportunities for Finnish shipbuilding industry suppliers and many others.

Depletion of Russia’s old onshore oil and gas fields forces the country to develop new oil and gas fields that are located mostly on Russian North offshore and onshore areas. Utilisation of these fields and delivering of oil and LNG from there to customers around the world requires development of shipping in ice conditions.

Key Russian ship-owners, that provide services for oil and gas industry, have ordered more than 60 ice-going vessels from the shipyards. The vessels are nuclear and diesel icebreakers, LNG-carriers, ice-class tags, service and research vessels and others. Boatload of shipyards, including shipyards in Finland, Korea, China and Russia are involved in these activities.

The development of the local shipbuilding by Russian government and market players opens up promising business opportunities for Finnish companies not only now, but also in the long-term perspective.

Excellent starting points for Finnish companies:

Finnish equipment and service suppliers have a strong position and clear competitive advantages on Russian shipbuilding market because of high quality, reliability, long experience of cooperation with Russian shipyards and nearby location. According to the estimations of industry experts, more than 80% of ship equipment in Russia is imported, with almost half of the content being Finnish. This situation creates an excellent starting point for Finnish companies, willing to compete on this market segment.

Possible offerings that interest Russian companies:

  • Ship engineering and design
  • Ship machinery and systems including propulsion and power systems
  • Electrical equipment and systems
  • Deck and interior equipment, HVAC, catering equipment
  • Other services and equipment for shipbuilding industry

Support from Finpro:  Finpro’s Maritime and Offshore from Finland growth program is able to provide full range of export support services for Finnish companies, from advising on market entry and market share growth strategies to organising of meetings with potential customers and partners in Russia.

Finnish companies interested in this opportunity should contact:  Alexey Zak, Senior Advisor, or Ulla Lainio, Director, Maritime and offshore growth program,

Source:  Team Finland Market Opportunities – 16 DEC 2016