RF Transport Ministry reports dead weight of Russian cargo fleet reached 20.6 M t in 2015

April 12, 2016

The dead weight of cargo fleet controlled by Russia reached 20.6 M t in 2015, nearly upgraded up to the biggest figure of USSR -controlled fleet 22,4 mln. t in 1990

Total dead weight of cargo fleet controlled by Russia reached 20.6 M tonnes in 2015. According to RF Transport Ministry’s report on execution of the Federal Targeted Programme “Development of Russia’s Transport System (2010-2020) in 2015, this result is 3.8% less than the plan. Expansion of cargo fleet in 2015 totalled 215,100 DWT, almost two times less than the planned level.

Under-performance is attributed to the unfavourable economic situation in the world and rapidly changing situation of the global freight market which lead to adjustment of sub-programme “Maritime Transport” in the part of vessels’ nomination and dead weight.

In 2015, allocations for implementation of activities under sub-programme “Maritime Transport” totalled RUB 83,772,400,000 including  RUB 27,945,700,000 from the federal budget and RUB 55,826,700,000 from off-budget sources  .

Maritime transport flying the flag of Russia carried 18.283 mln t of cargo in 2015, up 15.5%, y-o-y

Cargo transportation by maritime transport flying the flag of Russia totalled 18.283 M t in 2015, up 15.5%, year-on-year. According to RF Transport Ministry’s final report on its performance in 2015, plans and objectives for 2016 and for the period till 2018, the increase was driven by transport services provided in the Crimean Federal District and cargo transportation via the ports and points of the Northern Sea Route as well as increased demand for cargo transportation services at the international freight market.

Over the navigation season of 2015, cargo traffic along the Northern Sea Route totalled 5,431,700 t (+36.4%).

Cargo transportation by inland water transport declined by 0.8% to 118.12 M t mostly due to lower demand for transportation of construction cargoes.

Source https://en.portnews.ru/news/217724/