RF Ministry of Industry and Trade announces key Shipbuilding Industry topics for TRANSTEC 2016

March 2, 2016

The Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade Department of Shipbuilding Industry and Marine Technology has announced the key Shipbuilding Industry topics to be discussed and presented during the TRANSTEC 2016 Programme.

In his letter of support on 1st March 2016, Department Director M. N. Kochetkov noted that the schedule of TRANSTEC 2016 conference and exhibition programme presentations and discussions are comprised of the following specialised topics, among others:

  • The creation and operation of shipbuilding regional clusters and the opportunities that these clusters offer for international technical, expert & engineering cooperation, including the localisation of shipbuilding facilities and equipment.
  • New-build, conversion, modernisation and operation of the subsidiary, port and technical fleet, including: diesel icebreakers and port icebreakers, auxiliary icebreakers, tugs, towing and salvage vessels, ships for deep water and diving operations and sunken vessel lifting, dredgers and dredging vessels, crane ships, supply vessels, piloting, bunkering ships, skimmers, environmental and pollution monitoring ships, ship’s waste-water collectors, patrol vessels, situational vessels, hydrographic vessels, exploration and research vessels, multifunction vessels for construction work and civil engineering, multi-purpose vessels and cable / pipe layers.
  • Strategic foresight in the interests of shipbuilders and manufacturers of marine equipment, with focus in the field of forecasting the needs of shipowners in certain types of vessels, based on the analysis of future cargo flows.
  • IT technologies in shipbuilding, in marine equipment manufacturing, modernisation and construction of auxiliary, port and technical fleet and other relevant issues of scientific, technological and business trends of the development of sea, river fleet and specialised shipbuilding.

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