Norwegian suppliers of Ship and Fishing gear set sights on Russian market at NEVA 2017

April 6, 2017

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The Norwegian export of maritime technology goes back in time.

Rurik the viking – and his fellow mates in 862 AD sailed through the Baltic Sea, further down the the rivers through the Black Sea – all the way to Konstantinopel to create the first Kiev-Rus dynasty. They traded goods and became the very first exporters of maritime technology realized by the incredible durance of the viking ships. These longships, generally characterized as being slender and flexible, with symmetrical ends with true keel and clinker built. Due to this technology, the transportation at sea was revolutionized.

Although Norway is home to only one thousandth of the world’s population, the country none the less is a world leader in international maritime industry. Norwegian-controlled ship owners dispose around six per cent of the world’s commercial fleet. Norwegian companies are world leaders in classification, ship financing, ship and rig constructions, production of drilling equipment, shipping of chemicals, dynamic positioning systems and more. In addition, Norwegian companies and knowledge- based resource units are responsible for a constant flow of innovations in ships design, propellers, equipment and services. Many of these innovations lead to improved safety, sea environment and climate reductions.

The industry produces goods and services for about NOK 170 billion, and employs more than 100 000 persons. The industry’s share of the total Norwegian economy is around 12 per cent – excluding oil companies.

Russia and Norway have a significant maritime industry and commercial fleet. The fleets consist of various types of vessels like dry bulk, tank, container, MPP, passenger, service, fishery etc. The ownership is both private and governmental. Both countries have an onshore industry and service systems supporting the fleet. Enhanced commercial cooperation, and extensive information about the Norwegian maritime sector, is required when the ambition is to materialize commercial opportunities. Based on this, a designated group of maritime suppliers from the Møre region in Norway – has established a maritime sales- and marketing program aimed to develop the Russian fishing industry.

The Norwegian maritime industry would be at service to support the ongoing renewal and newbuild programme for the Russian fishing fleet, and the companies are ready to enter discussions about maritime cooperation between Norway and Russia.

Jarle Forbord
Managing Director,
Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce

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