Provisional Programme - Updated 14 February 2018

9 October 2018

09.00 - 18.00 TRANSTEC 2018 Conference & Exhibition Opening Hours, Pavilion 7, LENEXPO Fairground

09.00 - 14.00 Plenary Session - 6th International Conference for the Development of Russian Ports and Shipping, Conference Hall 7-2.

09.00 - 10.00 Registration: Main Entrance, Ground level registration desk, Pavilion 7

10.00 Opening

10.10 - 12.00  - Session 1

12.00 - 12.15 Coffee break

12.15 - 13.00  - Session 2

13.00 - 14.00 Coffee break

Organisers: Transtec Neva Exhibitions JSC, Dolphin Exhibitions Ltd, CNIIMF Sea Fleet Research Institute.  Contact: +44 1449 741 801

14.00 - 18.00 2nd International Conference for Port-Centric Logistics - 2018, Conference Hall 7-2.

Organisers: Admiral Makarov University for Sea and Inland Waterway Fleet, Institute of International Transport Management, Contacts: Director of the Institute Kirichenko Aleksandr Viktorovich, PhD, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.Kosaya Liniya 15A, Office 328, tel: +7 812 322 77 89, MT 351, 5/7 Dvinskaya str., Office. 439, ,

The international conference continues the long tradition of TRANSTEC events and is focused on the further implementation of the Russian Federation transport policy, to provide opportunities for capacity development of Russian ports and their related transport and logistics segments.

Supported by: State Federal Agency of Russian Sea and River Transport "Rosmorrechflot"


- The current state and development trends and solutions of the global commodity distribution system

- Port-Centric Logistics

- The role of sea and river ports as centres of regional economy

- Development model of Russian sea and river ports in the global transportation and logistics industry

- Solutions for technological design of port and terminal complexes

- Modern methodology for design of ports and cargo terminals: A synergetic approach, simulation, soft computing

- Rationalisation of the the transport network routes and support terminals for the hinterland and foreland

- New transport and logistics technologies and equipment

- Experience in the creation and operation of transport and technology facilities in the special economic-geographical conditions, including areas of the Arctic and Far North

Conference Audience: decision makers, senior managers; chief engineers; chief technologists; heads of departments of mechanisation; economists; operators of sea and river ports, cargo terminals and dry ports; freight forwarders; logistic providers; companies that are subjects of foreign economic activity; experts; teachers of vocational education institutions

10 October 2018

09.00 - 18.00 TRANSTEC 2018 Conference & Exhibition Opening Hours, Pavilion 7, LENEXPO Fairground

09.00 - 10.00 Registration for Breakout Sessions, Conferences and Round Tables - 6th International Conference for the Development of Russian Ports and Shipping.

10.00 - 14.00 *Session by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Conference Hall 7-3.

* session title TBA.

Organisers: Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Contact: Elizaveta Ponomareva, RS Deputy Head of Marketing and Information Policy Department, +7 812 380 20 27,

10.00 - 16.00 Round Table: Sea / River Port Container Terminal as an Element of Regional Development, Conference Hall 7-4.

Organiser: Container Business Magazine
Contact: Svetlana Tsirkunova, +7 812 969 66 00, ,

Topics for discussion:

Sea / River Port Container Terminals:

- The impact of the container terminal on port container logistics, domestic transportation: Desirable or mandatory requirement for the transportation system?

- The role and place of the container terminal in the fulfilment of industrial development strategy

- Managing problems of interaction between competing container terminal transport modes and networks

River Port Container Terminal as a nodal point of regional container traffic growth:

- Under what conditions would a river port container terminal in a region with insufficient transport infrastructure become a catalyst for containerisation of freight transportation?

- River port container terminal as a provider of freight containerisation technology: Master or slave to regional development?

- Equipment of the container terminal: equipment, technology, investments

Urban-located Container Terminal / Port as a key element of urban economic development:

- The role of the container in the economy of the city

- The necessity of freight traffic containerisation

- The Port Container Terminal as the basis to attract transit transportation and to increase the transport share in the Gross Regional Product

- Requirements for port container terminal development as a result of regional manufacturing industry growth

The role of the container terminal in the realisation of regional industrial enterprise export potential:

- Distance as an obstacle to export growth of industrial products

- Container terminal as a technology that reduces the cost of goods transportation

- Defining the responsibility for managing the functions of the 'main container store' between the Port, Carrier, Forwarder and Cargo Owner

Requirements of waterbourne container business in the context of state regulation and support;  Resources of the Federal, regional and local authorities to meet these needs:

- The main problems of state-regulated river transport development

- Requirements for state authorities to address these problems; Sate authority satisfaction in fulfilling the requirements

- Public-private partnership in the development of water transport in general freight and container traffic in particular

Shipbuilding and shipping - are there opportunities for development and explosive growth?

- Container transportation through inland waterways: The Existing fleet capacity and its potential to fulfil projected demand

- Quantitative and qualitative requirements for the shipping fleet corresponding to the potential development of container and water transport

- The ability of domestic and international shipbuilding to meet the demand for container ships

10.00 - 17.00 6th Annual Conference "Port Equipment and Technology - Effective Investments", Conference Hall 7-2.

Organisers: Committee for Technology and Mechanisation of the Association of Sea Commercial Ports - ASOP; Sea Ports Magazine

* Prior registration via is welcomed.

Conference Objectives:

- To organise direct dialogue between producers, sellers and consumers of port handling equipment and technology

- To discuss ways of improving the competitiveness and efficiency of stevedoring companies and to increase the speed and quality of cargo handling operations.

- To introduce new development techniques and technologies in the field of processing of cargoes in ports

Topics for discussion:

- Current state and prospects for the renewal of the fleet of transportation equipment in the sea ports

- Monitoring of cargo-lifting equipment in the sea ports

- Staff training technology in the educational process, the development of new handling equipment and training

- Innovative designs of domestic and foreign manufacturers of cargo handling equipment

- Economic feasibility of renewal Vs modernisation

- Schemes for financing new equipment purchasing projects

- Ensuring the maintenance and safe operation of loading and unloading operations

- The pros and cons of outsourcing the maintenance of cargo-handling equipment

- Information technology in Cargo Handling: Automation of maintenance and repair

- Port Cargo Handling Safety Issues


- Top managers, chief engineers, chief technologists, heads of departments of mechanisation, economists, operators of sea and river terminals, port (customs) terminals and dry ports

- Representatives of equipment manufacturers and crane companies, engineers and designers, professionals in the service companies and suppliers of port handling equipment and technology

 - Industry Experts


11 October 2018

09.00 - 18.00 TRANSTEC 2018 Conference & Exhibition Opening Hours, Pavilion 7, LENEXPO Fairground

09.00 - 10.00 Registration for the 6th International Conference for the Development of Russian Ports and Shipping sessions.

10.00 - 17.00 4th Annual Conference - Specialised, Port and Auxiliary Fleet: New projects, Technologies and Equipment for Construction and Modernisation. Conference Hall 7-2.

Organiser: Maritime News of Russia Publishing House, Sea Fleet Magazine

* Prior registration via is welcomed.

New-build, modernisation, renovation, and operation of specialised, auxiliary, port and technical fleet, including: linear diesel and port icebreakers, auxiliary icebreakers, tugboats, towing and salvage vessels, vessels for deep-sea diving and sunken vessel lifting, dredges and dredging vessels, crane ships, supply vessels, piloting, bunkering ships, oil skimmers, eco ships, supply ships for offshore drilling platforms, bilge water collection ships, patrol and monitoring ships, hydrographic vessels, surveying vessels, exploration and research vessels, multi-function vessels for construction and civil engineering, multi-purpose vessels and cable / pipe layers.

10.00 - 14.00 Open discussion: Digital Shipyard - Industry 4.0 In Shipbuilding. The design and shipbuilding of vessels for auxiliary and port fleet. Digital Shipyard Modernisation. Conference Hall 7-3.

Organisers: St.Petersburg Technical Marine University, Institute of Information Technologies, ,

Contacts: Director of the Institute of Information Technologies, PhD Lipis AV,; Coordinator: Anna Makurina, + 7 (812) 7571411

10.00 - 15.00 Round Table:  Equipment and technologies for unmanned ships and e-navigation. Conference Hall 7-4.

Organisers: Transas LLC, Tranzas Technologies JSC

Contact: Agafonova Olga, Manager for Corporate Communications, Russia, tel: +7 812 325 31 31, fax: +7 812 325 31 32, mob: +7 (931) 206 62 02,


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