NEVA mission accomplished for IMO

September 22, 2017

International Maritime Organization safety goals were a priority at this week’s NEVA 2017, held in St Petersburg, with a high-level delegation from IMO secretariat disseminating latest regulatory developments of special interest to a Russian audience.


Following Assistant Secretary-General Lawrence Barchue’s attendance at the opening ceremony and a series of meetings, IMO Technical Officer, Maritime Safety Division Mikhail Gappoev updated conference delegates on the genesis of Polar Code and Fisheries regulations.

At a seminar on the protection of the Arctic Seas organised by the International Expert Council on the Cooperation in the Arctic, Mr Gappoev indicated that work was under way on 'Phase 2' of the IMO Polar Code, applying to vessels outside the provisions of the Safety of Life at Sea Convention.

Meanwhile, at the 2nd International Conference 'Renewing the Fishery and Research Fleet', the IMO officer alerted delegates to a plan from IMO Secretary General Ki-Tack Lim to write to all member states reminding them of the need to ratify the Cape Town Agreement on fishing safety. The 2012 instrument was itself designed to encourage implementation of the 1993 Protocol relating to the 1977 Torremolinos International Convention for the Safety of Fishing Vessels.

Mr Gappoev, whose technical background includes time at the Krylov State Research Centre and 14 years with the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, also took the opportunity to praise the balance struck by NEVA 2017 between supporting Russian business while creating a platform to disseminate the goals of IMO. He also commended a decision by organisers to ‘internationalise’ the exhibition by sharing both halls between international and Russian companies.

"I think that reflects the more international complexion of the event this year overall, and that was also notable at the conference sessions, where local interests were as well served as ever but there was more participation from overseas,” he said. Mr Gappoev cited presentations given by Norwegian companies to the fishing sessions, but also singled out the Busan Trade Delegation for a special mention, which took its own room to organise one to one business meetings via special invitation.