Murmansk Port presents 150 bn RUB Upgrade Project at TRANSTEC 2016

March 16, 2016

The Ministry of Transport and Road Facilities of the Murmansk Region has announced its participation at TRANSTEC 2016.  The Minister of Transport confirmed the presentation of a keynote paper on the development of Murmansk Transport Hub and regional port infrastructure during the TRANSTEC 2016 plenary session.

Murmansk Transport Hub Presentation – YouTube English

According to the Government of Murmansk region, the “Complex Development of the Murmansk Transport Hub” is the region’s main transport infrastructure upgrade project. It will be implemented within the Export Transport Services development sub-programme as a key facet of the federally mandated Russian Transport System development programme through 2020.

The project’s key aim is to increase competitiveness through strategic improvements to the regional transport infrastructure:

  • A year-round marine hub will be created for processing container liquid cargoes and transshipment of coal and mineral fertilizers. It will be integrated into the North–South international transport corridor.
  • Expansion of Kola inlet water area, with advancements made to the sea, rail and road transport infrastructure, as well as logistics and warehouse infrastructure facilities.
  • The Western shore of the Kola Bay will boast a new branch line and cargo terminal
  • On the Eastern Kola Bay shore, the existing coal terminal will be redesigned and a new container terminal, logistics center and a distribution zone will be constructed.


The project is being implemented as a private-public partnership, with total funding more than 150 Billion RUB. The state will fund the construction of an auxiliary utility infrastructure for investment projects to be implemented by private investors. Completion will see the Murmansk port cargo turnover increase to 70 million tonnes.


Murmansk Transport Hub Presentation – YouTube English