Morstroytechnology to lead TRANSTEC 2016 ‘Logistics Optimisation’ breakout session

February 10, 2016

The breakout session “Logistics optimisation as the way of increasing efficiency” will take place during the TRANSTEC 2016 Conference programme, lead by Morstroytechnology.

Morstroytechnology will participate in the preparation and holding of TRANSTEC 2016’s 5th International Conference on the “Future of Russian Ports and Shipping”.  The research and development company delivers services and solutions in marine engineering and logistics sectors.

Morstroytechnology Development Director S. A. Semenov and Director of Logistics Analysis A. A. Goloviznin join the TRANSTEC 2016 Programme Committee of the Conference, sharing their expertise and experience during the Plenary Session.

In addition, Morstroytechnology will hold one of the breakout sessions in the business Programme of the Conference and Exhibition.  The provisional title of the session is “Optimisation of logistics as a way to increase efficiency.”