International Cooperation a Top Priority for Russian Ministry of Transport at TRANSTEC 2014

July 1, 2014

Russian Federation Ministry of Transport
On 19th June 2014 Deputy Minister of Transport Mr. V. A. Olersky addressed the global Ports and Shipping community with a warm welcome to TRANSTEC 2014, citing the Event as a key international B2B forum to ensure the success of the Ministry’s “Strategy for the Development of Sea Port Infrastructure of Russia Until 2030”.

Under the auspices of the Russian Federation Government Marine Collegium, the TRANSTEC 2014 Conference and Exhibition Programme is directly supported by the Russian Ministry of Transport, St Petersburg Government Maritime Council, the Association of Sea Commercial Port sand many other leading industrial unions and associations, whose experts recommended TRANSTEC to be used as a global platform for the promotion of cooperation between ministries, ports, investors, port equipment manufacturers, port fleet shipbuilders, port logistics infrastructure and water transport developers.

The comprehensive 3 day Programme will focus on the interaction of ports and shipping companies, ports and inland waterway navigation, engineering and infrastructure design, the promotion of passenger, cruise and ferry shipping, engineering and construction of ships for port service fleet and State services fleet and the introduction of advanced equipment and technologies in ports.

“Given the global nature of both water transport and the similarity of problems with respective solutions in different countries, international cooperation in these areas is a top priority”, said Mr Olersky.

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