Dolphin Exhibitions Marks 25 Years Cooperation with Russian Maritime Market at Expoforum Opening

October 7, 2014

Dolphin Exhibitions General Director, Mr. Matthew White, addressed the Expoforum Opening Ceremony guests by giving thanks for more than 25 years cooperation with Expoforum colleagues.

Dolphin Exhibitions extends warm thanks to our long-standing colleagues at Expoforum for their invitation to participate in this Grand Opening and offer congratulations for the massive achievement in opening this greatly-anticipated Exhibition and Conference Complex. The impressive scale, technical possibilities for enhanced promotions and architectural flare all serve to confirm Expoforum’s well-deserved place as a key provider within the leading Event Venues of the world. It is also our sincere honour to note the NEVA and TRANSTEC Events shared history of cooperation with Expoforum, the city of St Petersburg and the government of the Russian Federation.

In 1989, NEVA’s International co-founder, Mr Roderick Keay, came to the Soviet Union with a bold idea. The vision was clear: Create a collaborative, global platform to promote Russia’s Commercial Shipbuilding, Ship Equipment and related Maritime industries. At that time in history, startingthis project was very challenging.However, Mr Keay had the good fortune to establish strong relationships with Russian colleagues who equally sharehis vision to this day, and the NEVA Exhibition and Conference programme was established in 1991.

It is altogether fitting that the NEVA Event found its centre of gravity here in St Petersburg, like its namesake majestic River, flowing through the historic heart of Russia’s Maritime community.

We have for many years enjoyed the morning view from the Gulf of Finland’s shores at Lenexpo Fairground, welcoming the world to participate in the Russian Market in the same manner as Russia’s great historical leaders.

Following NEVA’s landmark inception in 1991, over two decades of dedicated promotion and rock-solid collaboration resulted in the Lenexpo Halls filling to capacity during the NEVA 2013 Exhibition.Steady growth of International participation during successive Events has established NEVA as one of the leading International Maritime Exhibitions of the world.

This year we celebrate 25 years of successful cooperation with Expoforum. NEVA’s traditional promotions are ever-strengthened by the new opportunities presented by Russia’s rapidly-growing commercial maritime sectors.

Looking forward, the NEVA 2015 Event promises another record year for global participation in the Exhibition, supported by the most comprehensive Maritime Business to Business Platform and Conference Programme yet.

We are also pleased to note that the International Ports and Shipping Conference and Exhibition, TRANSTEC 2014, concluded with great success during October 2014, enjoying record participation and standing-room only during the Plenary Session. A diverse spectrum of topics, including Development of the Arctic and the Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum, created great interest in the Russian Ports and Shipping development sectors. Planning for expansion of the 2016 Event has already begun.

The combination of NEVA’s Shipbuilding and Ship’s Equipment Profile, alongside TRANSTEC’s Ports and Shipping Profile, offers the most comprehensive Set of Event Programmes and Activities to provide the continual promotion of Russia’s broad base of Maritime Industries. The NEVA and TRANSTEC Events naturally complement each other, scheduled in St Petersburg on alternate years.

Expoforum’s opening is perfectly timed for NEVA to re-centre itself in the grand, new location, offering tremendous opportunity and growth capacity to ensure the Event’s future success, showcasing the Russian Commercial Maritime Market on the global stage.

Dolphin Exhibitions recognises the development of the Russian Commercial Maritime Industries as the key to bring the opportunity of healthy and sustainable, balanced growth to the world’s maritime community. In close partnership with our colleagues at Transtec NEVA Exhibitions, we are excited to continue delivering this message of opportunity to the widest possible International and Russian audience.

We look forward to many more years of successful cooperation, and to our shared goal of promoting the Russian Commercial Maritime Industries to the world.