Danish Honor for DEIF’s Russian partner

September 20, 2017

Pictured at NEVA 2017 is Alexandr Duksin, recipient of the Danish Export Association's Diploma and HRH Prince Henrik's Medal of Honor, acknowledging his work for Danish power management solutions provider DEIF over a 20-year period.

DEIF A/S CEO Toke Foss was on hand to celebrate the award, 20 years after Mr Duksin signed up to represent the Danish group at NEVA 1997. He formed DVK Electro in 2003.

"Ours are complex products, and so the relationships between us and our representatives benefit from being long term," said Foss. "To succeed in this business takes close cooperation, a high level of trust and a great deal of mutual respect." He added that 2017 was the most successful year DEIF had ever had in Russia – which was even more remarkable given economic conditions.

Foss laid the success firmly at Mr Duksin's door and his commitment not only to sales, but to service and training. Significant growth had been achieved this year from customers based in Russia's eastern regions, he added.

Mark Lerche, Head of Danish Marine Group said that the Medal of Honor signalled the personal approval of the Prince Consort. "It's the biggest honour there is in its field," he said, “and it is only given to special people, like Mr Duksin.”