CNIIMF Welcomes International Participants to TRANSTEC 2014 Plenary Session

June 18, 2014

The Central Scientific Research and Design Institute of the Marine Fleet extends a warm invitation to International Companies to participate as delegates and speakers in the Plenary session of the 4th International Conference for the Development of Ports and Shipping at TRANSTEC 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia on 1 October 2014.

The biennial TRANSTEC Programme is a key facet in the 2014-approved working plans of the Russian Federation and St Petersburg Marine Councils, with direct support from ASOP, the Russian National Chamber of Shipping, theCoordinating Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation and the North-West Transport Union.

RF Deputy Minister of Transport Mr V.A. Olersky will act as Chairman of the TRANSTEC 2014 Conference Programme Committee, overseeing a broad spectrum of topics including:

  • Formation of Competitive Advantages of Ports (Technical and Economic Perspectives)
  • Russian Maritime Register of Shipping as an integral part of transport solutions in the Arctic
  • Transport System Yamal Region: Species Competition or Synergy?
  • LNG Export Logistics – trends, issues & perspectives
  • Sea Terminals for Export of Metal Products: trends, problems & prospects
  • Export logistics for fertilisers: trends and challenges? View “from the sea”
  • Methods of systematisation problems of logistics and practical solutions in order to ensure reliable and sustainable logistics system of field development in the Gulf of Ob river mouth
  • Optimization of logistics systems of large cargo owners -Principles and models
  • Far East coal terminal: the ratio of the growth and demand
  • Ports of Eastern Baltic sea: trends, problems & prospects

TRANSTEC 2014 is the perfect B2B forum providing enterprises with the opportunity to complement and illustrate their reports in detail during the Exhibition, stimulating negotiations with Plenary Participants interested in their products and services.

Papers submitted in good time and approved by the Programme Committee, including those not selected for reading, will be published in the TRANSTEC 2014 catalogue and distributed throughout the Event and on the website.  Please see the TRANSTEC 2012 Catalogue for previously published Plenary Session Paper examples.

Send Plenary Paper submissions before 18 August 2014 with a signed scanned copy of the Plenary Paper Application Form by email to the Event Organisers at

For full details of the Plenary Session Invitation, please see the TRANSTEC 2014 CNIIMF Invitation to Conference Plenary Session letter from CNIIMF General Director S. R. Buyanov.