CNIIMF CEO Outlines Russian Port Development Strategy for TRANSTEC 2018 Programme

July 5, 2017

In an open letter of invitation to Russian and International participants, the Secretariat of the TRANSTEC 2018 Programme Committee, represented by CNIIMF, outlined the perspective events of 2018 based on the strategic programmes for the development of Russian ports.

Dear Colleagues!

On behalf of the Programme Committee, we are pleased to invite you to participate in the next Conference and Exhibition for the Development of Russian Ports and Shipping, TRANSTEC 2018, which will be held in St. Petersburg from 9 to 11 October 2018. The Central Research and Design Institute of the Marine Fleet-СNIIMF JSC – traditionally is the Co-Presiding Structure and heads the Secretariat of the Programme Committee TRANSTEC, which has been held biennially since 1994.

TRANSTEC 2016 had the largest programme of professional events including the plenary session, 9 round tables, conference sessions, public expert discussions and thematic open lectures in the last 6 editions over 12 years. More than 600 guests, including speakers and delegates to the conference, exhibition participants and experts representing more than 300 companies and organisations participated from Russia, Finland, Norway, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Spain, Algeria, Azerbaijan, and China, as well as members of the International Expert Council for Cooperation in the Arctic.

According to the Russian Ministry of Transport, over a number of editions, the TRANSTEC Conference and Exhibition has traditionally “… provided a popular professional platform for the regular maintenance of international B2B and expert dialogue in the interest of the developing practical cooperation in the field of sea and river fleet and port facilities”.

Russian ports are not simply to provide for the progressive growth of cargo turnover, but also continue to actively develop and modernise existing and prospective capacities, a fleet of technical means and modern e technology of transshipment of goods, acting as one of the most promising drivers of the country’s economic growth.

Following the meeting of the government commission on transport, held during June 2017, a long-term development programme FSUE “Rosmorport” until 2020 was approved. It is planned that Rosmorport will invest 97 Billion Rubles in the construction and reconstruction of marine terminals, in maintaining fixed assets, including the construction of icebreakers and 23 Billion Rubles for renewal of the fleet.

The turnover of Russian sea ports by 2020 will be 877.5 million tons. For 2017-2020 this indicator will grow by 21%, and an increase of 47.2 million tons will be provided by reorienting cargo from neighboring countries to Russian ports. One of the priorities of the long-term strategy for the development of seaports is the development of the grain complex. And by 2030 the turnover of Russian ports will exceed 1 billion tons. According to an estimate published by Kommersant, the industry calls the adoption of the program “positive” news for stevedores, which indicate the existence of long-term rules of the game and the ability to build plans based on a long-term strategy.

In this regard, the TRANSTEC Conference and Exhibition continues to develop as a substantial industry and expert business platform and in 2018 offers potential participants to focus on the following thematic blocks:

  • Port-Centric Logistics
  • Optimisation of logistics as a way to increase efficiency. Interaction of ports with railway and related modes of transport
  • Engineering logistics in port industrial zones and sea (river) clusters: logistics-oriented project management and product life cycle
  • Ensuring the competitiveness of sea and river ports, creating conditions for attracting investments in the development of port infrastructure
  • Engineering and project support for the development of ports, marine and coastal infrastructure and GDP infrastructure
  • State and Prospects for the Development of Maritime Navigation
  • Development of the Arctic marine transport system. Polar shipping
  • Prospects for the development of navigation on inland waterways
  • Conditions and prospects of development of passenger and cruise sea and river navigation
  • Specialized, port and auxiliary fleet: new construction, modernization, renovation
  • Innovative development of port equipment and technologies. Effective investment in upgrading and upgrading the RDP Park
  • Complex information support of marine activities, digital-technology and e-navigation.
  • IT-technologies in shipbuilding, production of marine and port equipment
  • Ecology and safety on water transport

Welcome to the TRANSTEC 2018, the 6th International Conference and 14th Exhibition for the Development of Russian Ports and Shipping.

For suggestions on the inclusion of new activities in the thematic plan and the programme, please contact the International organisers of TRANSTEC 2018:

Dolphin Exhibitions Limited,, +44 1449 741 801

For practical questions of participation in the Conference and Exhibition, please contact the St Petersburg office for TRANSTEC 2018 Operations:


Russia, 199106 Saint-Petersburg, Bolshoy pr. VO, 103

Phone (812) 321-26-76, 321-28-17, 321-26-77.


Yours faithfully,


Member of the Presidium of the Maritime Council under the Government of St. Petersburg,

Co-Chairman of the Program Committee

PhD Buyanov SI