CNIIMF Gen Director opens TRANSTEC 2016 Plenary with top prospects for Arctic Ports development

October 4, 2016

Along side a panel of distinguished speakers, CNIIMF’s General Director S I Buyanov shared great prospects for Russia’s Arctic Ports development plans with the TRANSTEC 2016 Plenary session attendees.

As reported by news:

The 4 October Plenary opening was attended by the Executive Secretary of the Marine Board of the Government of St. Petersburg, Ms Chekalova Tatiana and IMO Technical Officer of the Department of Marine Technology and Cargo Management Maritime Safety Mr Mikhail Gappoev.

As part of the 5th International Conference on the Development of Ports and Shipping held a plenary session, moderated which is the CNIIMF General Director, S I Buyanov.

Following Mr Buyanov’s welcome, the Director of Department of state policy for Maritime and River Transport, Mr Vitaly Klyuev reported on “The state policy in the field of maritime and inland waterway transport.”

Concerning the future of Russian ports, the Executive Director of the Association of Commercial Sea Ports, Mr Zhusupov gave his remarks.   In particular, he noted the large investment projects of modernisation and development of Russian port infrastructure.

In his speech in the framework of the Plenary Session of the rector Admiral Makarov University, S O Baryshnikov spoke about the port and industrial clusters and zones of priority development.

General Director of JSC “CNIIMF” S I Buyanov highlighted the current state and prospects of development of Arctic marine transport system, including the Arctic ports.